A new day

I've arrived at the end of a new day, and yet again there was just not enough time to do it all. As usual, more demands, less time. Clients pushing dates back as a result of not knowing what a "Report" is not to mention a "Report Requirement". Other clients, coming to the conclusion that they actually do need some guidance. Pushed and Pulled in multiple directions seems to be the way... Feast and Famine, when it rains it pours, etc... you name it.

But, I don't think I could have it any other way. Where else can you work on some custom servelets one day, ORACLE the next, MS SQL Server Stored Procedures after that, then an IBM WebSphere installation for some custom web apps and SSO? I think I'd be bored anywhere else.

So, with all of my extra time, here to the new blog


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