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Down To The Wire Change Requests

So, I'm logging out to catch a flight. Code freeze is tomorrow, and code release is scheduled for next week. Why then, do some users wait until NOW to tell me about corrections and tweaks to reports? -- (...yes, a couple... even I am not perfect!) -- My answer; they just don't care until they're reminded of the code freeze and impending release. Procrastination at its finest!

It's a good thing I am using something as flexible and easy to modify as the BIRT Reporting Application. Changing things like column header names, some data type formatting, even script logic on various report elements is not a big deal (most of the time). This reminds me, that it is always a good thing to take the responsibility as a developer, to create a 'sign-off' check list. Trouble is, I HATE lists! But worse than that, I REALLY HATE being late to the Airport!

I think I'll create a check-list and post it here (later)... why not procrastinate? everyone else does!
In Canada again!

Longterm assignments are good, but they do have their drawbacks. First and possibly the biggest drawback is the "boredom factor". Secondly, it seems to me (possibly related to boredom factor), they longer I go, the longer the weeks seem to get.

Now that I have gotten that off my chest, this is not a bad assignment at all. I most certainly have had worse. The best assignments are usually a blend of three things; 1-Location, 2-interesting / cool people, and 3-technology of interest. There is nothing worse than being on an assignment where you can't stand the location, if for no other reason than the office is just plain crappy. But, even in a nice location, with very cool geographic and environmental surroundings if the people suck, the job sucks. And finally if the first two items on the list are okay, I can live with the technology being boring or sucky... at least for a little while.