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Working while traveling

Working while traveling?  
So, I've been referring to myself as a sort of Digital Gypsy for a few years now. Until this past year, this was not a completely accurate statement. I had a condo, home base, paid property taxes; what ever would constitute as "normal everyday American" typical living. Enter, moving onto the sailboat and just leaving the rented condo behind for someone else to worry about, and taking off!

So how do you maintain enough stability, without loosing freedom?
To maintain a place to receive paychecks, paper correspondence, and simply ensure that you have the things necessary to provide a prospective client that you're not a vagabond, get a mail service. We use St. Brendan's Isle mail service ( another service if you'd like to comparison shop, is Mail Forwarding Services in Oregon (

Having these services even if you have a permanent home address is wonderful for anyone who woul…