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Small Businesses Benefit from Business Intelligence too.

Data, data everywhere...
As with the Samuel Taylor Coleridge poem "Water, water everywhere..." these lines describe situations where we sometimes find ourselves, like becalmed sailors surrounded by water but unable to drink a drop. Business owners might find themselves in a place where they are unable to move forward, even though surrounded by a sea of Data. The powerless feeling of not being able to take advantage of the business-nourishing "Information" Data can provide is real for far too many businesses.
Data to Information
Business Intelligence (BI) is like a desalination plant for Data, making the Data readily usable by your business. Just like drinking salt water at sea can make a desperate sailor hallucinate, and even die, Data run amok  and consumed incorrectly or out of context can produce similar effects in business. Now that we are aware of the importance of BI in Businesses, Large and Small, I will run through a few quick supporting scenarios. Here I wil…