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Automating; the Good, the Bad, & the Ugly

So, when it comes to building a reporting solution why is it that users just want to "Automate" their already overly complex and convoluted Excel or Power Points? Almost every engagement requiring a "Report" seems to start out the same way. There are two primary trains of thought, the first is to "Get Everything" and the second is to "Automate Everything".

Business Analyst say they want "everything" when they don't know exactly what a "Reporting Application" is or they don't know exactly what they want in a Report or Report Application. It's kind of like the General Contractor, who'll tell you he does "anything" when you contact him/her to build you a Deck or replace your Roof. Anytime I see ambiguity at this level, I question the understanding level of the individual making the claim or request.

There are two tactics I find very helpful when faced with a request that seems to be less than well thought…