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Passing Parameters to a Scripted DataSet;or any DataSet for that matter

The first time I heard the phrase "parameter binding to a data set" cold chills shot down my spine. I was thrust right back into my first OO Programming Class, where concepts like "pointers", "polymorphism" and others were thrown around like we were all just born to understand these abstract descriptions. Why not call it something simpler... like Parameter "place-holder" or "access point" ? Using the word "parameter binding" just makes it sound more complicated than it has to be. ...Maybe that's the idea? We are talking about nerdy techie types after all.

That said, I will try to make sure I don't needlessly try to impress with my cryptic verbage. So, here it goes. If you are both new to BIRT and have to use a scripted source the way IBM’s Maximo implementations do, you might not know where to begin right off the bat. I will break it down into sm…