Keeping Up!

So, one of the many challenges in this thing called consulting is "Keeping Up". Or at least this is the case from my point of view.

"Keeping Up" encompasses so many different aspects; Keeping up with new trends, Keeping up with best practices, Keeping up with schedules, Keeping up with clients, generally keeping UP when everything is working to keep you down.

It has been my experience that it is best in all of these cases to keep up by slowing down. This might seem a bit counter intuitive, but it can work. By slowing down I don't mean to become complacent and lazy, I mean to achieve heightened awareness through clearing and centralizing.

Clear the clutter, and you'll be able to find things with greater efficiency. Having a clear spot or two on your calendar will open the door to introspection and recovery. Clear your mind of the excessive "noise" so the important things can be heard and seen. ...You get the idea, in other words Relax and Receive.

When clear, and maybe in the process of clearing you will have the chance to find center again. The center of what? The center of it all? Well, not really. The way I see "Centering" is finding the balance, or core, or a combination of both. On a personal level the centering might be precipitated by meditation. On a work or problem solving mission, it might mean to walk away or around the subject. Looking at things from many angles helps you find the center.

In either case, personal or business, take the time... being Clear, Centered, and Confident are a way to Keep Up. A Class or two wouldn't hurt either... Just do the other three C's first.


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